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Styling Rules for Women Fashion Tops


Posted on June 05 2019

Styling Rules for Women Fashion Tops

Going against the trend and finding yourself in bizarre attire sucks, right? But what’s the way to that ongoing swing that saves you from any awkward styling state?

Well, that’s the slippery way that you might always avoid, but trust me, it’s fun when you let yourself slide!

So how can you learn to slide? It’s pretty simple. You just got to know the rules. Every part of your attire has its canon and tops own the most delicate spot among all that pops out right before your profile!

So, relax, because now you are on the way to know the styling rules for tops that will save yourself from making any fashion blunder.


What’s going on?

Well, women, fashion is constantly updating, and it’s pretty common to be on delusion- what to wear and what not?

There are plenty of varieties in tops such as Pete collection, T.A.T.M collection, casual and flattening collection and many more and in these varieties, so many styles are available that it may become confusing to choose the right one for the right occasion.

Styling rules for tops:

A different season and different occasion require different kinds of tops. You can’t wear anything in every season and occasion. Even you need to be picky about the different times of the day.

I know you can’t change your clothing every couple of hours, but before choosing one, think about the focusing point of the day, when do you want the attention at the highest?

So you need to keep in mind some facts that will affect your styling. Before choosing a top, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does go with the weather?
  • Do you need to wear formal or casual?
  • Are you attending a daytime event or night event?
  • Does that event require comfort or style?

If you know how to choose according to these questions’ answers, then your clothing will be perfect for the day. It’s that simple.

When you already know the answers, then you won’t have to think twice. That’s why you should go on reading, to save your time and energy while choosing the right top.

Go with the weather:

You can’t wear the same top in winter and summer, even the spring and autumn are not ready to trade off your negligent choice. Because every weather demands different look in you!

So what are the styling rules for different weather?


Winter is the harshest of all seasons. So the rule is you need to look prepared for that harsh weather. Wear long-sleeved tops in winter. You can either choose high necked, collard or hooded tops for this weather.

Remember that, you can compromise with long sleeved tops, but it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear high necked or collared tops in summer.


For spring, you should merge with nature. Well, I mean you should choose the florally patterned tops over any plain tops. Anything that gives a fresh and cheerful vibe will be perfect for your spring look.

You can wear a crop top, colorful blouse top, laced tops or any off shouldered tops; the point is you should match the colorful nature. Otherwise, you will look out of the place!


Think about your comfort; you don’t wanna sweat in your summertime, right? Then choose a tank top, tube top, crochet tee, crop top or any shoulderless top to enjoy the whole summer.

There are many more varieties, just think what style and fabric will suit the weather.

If you wear something that doesn’t look comfortable for the hot weather, you will get an unfit look.


Autumn is the season that prepares you for the cold winter. It has a strong temperament that should reflect on your clothing. Long sleeve blazer or long sleeve tops or lace-up front tees will go with the weather.

Casual or formal?

Every occasion or events require different styles. Your friends and colleague are not the same, so think before you choose your attire. You can take a casual or formal look with your top.

One thing common about the casual and formal look is you don’t need to flaunt yourself.

For a casual look, you don’t have to think much. You can pick anything that’s comfortable. Tank top, loose straight tops or sleeveless shirt tops are great for a casual look. You can even wear ‘Trouble at the Mill’ collection which are great for daily casual use.

For a formal look, you can choose from plenty of formal collections. Formal look doesn’t mean you have to hide under a lump of clothes. It means styling with class. Shirt styled top, crepe blouson top; loose fit shirt styled top, layered top or ruffled tops are great as formal tops.

Day or night?

Tops have versatile uses, and it can vary according to the time of the day. Just like other dress codes, you should select appropriate tops for either daytime or night outing. During daytime floral, printed or any light colored tops would be good for daytime.

Remember that, any heavy glittered or precious embroidered tops wouldn’t be appropriate for your daytime look.

If you want to have the evening or night-time look, you should just welcome the opposite of your daytime look. You can wear dark, heavy embroidered or glittered tops at night easily. One plus point about night-time is, any look can go on with the night, but not every look is suitable for daytime.

So if you wanna wear something for the entire day and night, daytime attire would be a safe-zone. For that, you can choose the Pete collection which is better choice for day to dinner out. 

Comfort or style?

There are times when we have to choose either comfort or style. Here you have to use your wit to understand the preference. Different events require a different look. If you go on a trip, you can’t wear something that’s uncomfortable. Uncomfortable attire on long term trip or events goes against all styling rules.

So choose style over comfort when you are in a short term trip or any party. Your laced tops, stylish back top, backless tops and everything that matches with the event should be on your list!


Casual, formal or semi-formal events or the weather demands are the main focus of your look. If you just think why you should go for it and why not, you will automatically start to collaborate with the margin.

Add your style with these basic styling rules, and you will be the one everyone looks twice.

Isn’t it?

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