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Pete collection

The women who wear Pete are not defined by age- or anything else!  They are young women who shop at stores carrying the latest brands, and older women who still love wearing the latest brands!  Pete is a top, dress and jacket line of mixed knit fabrics which can go from day, into dinner out.  Our fabrics are very tactile and feel amazing on the body; one of our biggest compliments is that many women report their Pete tops are “ go to pieces” in their closets. hat was a key reason that Pete was endorsed by Oprah as one of her favorite things!   When they need to wear clothes that will serve many situations in a day- they put on their Pete and always feel together, and comfortable.  Women wear many hats; we are proud that Pete serves them well in both offering comfort and confidence.   You can see us pictured in Ron Herman;  Barneys, Neimans, Gorsuch and Mario’s catalogs!   

T.A.T.M. collection

Trouble at the Mill is a casual chic clothing line. This fashion-forward apparel was established in Los Angeles in 2013. TATM is perfect for everyday wear that could be dressed up or down and is super comfy. It is worn and loved by women of all ages. TATM has innovation and timeless style. Trouble manufactures and designs its own high-end beautiful fabric to go along with the alluring style.

Other Collections

Collections of casual lifestyle clothing.
They were created out of a need for comfortable, casual, and flattering clothing.All made in america. Using only the finest fabrics. Inspired by trends and comfort.
We make tee shirts, trendy tops, hoodies, jackets, pants dresses and tanks.
Our customer is any woman from 20 - 95 that wants comfortable and stylish looks.
What makes us different is the quality and fabrics that we put into every garment.

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