Variety in Collection: Women Fashion Tops
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Variety in Collection: Women Fashion Tops


Posted on November 07 2019

Variety in Collection: Women Fashion Tops

Are you confused about your tops collection? Well, it’s normal. We often don’t understand what variety we should have in our closet. And yes, if you are among those who don’t plan before shopping, you definitely have a haphazard collection of tops.

Well I know you can’t resist yourself from buying what you like. But what if you have the same type tops that only serve one purpose? Ladies, before finding yourself in a complete mess and short of adequate tops, make sure your closet has some basic tops.

If you have this variety of collection in your wardrobe, trust me you are among those few organized women who are always ready for any event in any season.

Plain tops:

Plain tops are simple yet very useful tops. They are casual wear and can be useful in various ways. If you are a fan of printed trousers and skirts then plain tops are a must for your collection. These tops can go along with a statement bottom and can lead to perfection.

A closet without any plain tops is surely an incomplete closet. Though these tops look dull they have the ability to bring your statement pieces to life.

Button ups:

Button ups are another type to tops that you should have in your collection. Don’t think that they are the too professional type to keep them in your collection. They are just mere staples that not only you, but every woman should also have in their closet.

You can find them with various colours and materials but you need only some basics in your closets, such as a white button up or chambray.


Blouses are another kind of top you should own. They are similar to the button up tops but they surely belong to another category. These shirts have various kinds of the category with so many styles that your collection would seem empty without them.

Having blouses are amazing because you can choose according to your personality. There are countless varieties- loose blouse, flowy blouse, short or long sleeve blouse, tunic and many more. If you don’t own any of it, what actually you have?

Long sleeve tops:

Long sleeve tops are another essential in your collection. They are pretty useful and no doubt you obviously own long sleeve tops. Long sleeve tops are stylish and very useful in almost every season except summer.


I don’t think women’s tops collection can be completed without t-shirts. You can wear them in casual events and can make a great pair with blazers or cardigans. Especially one solid colour t-shirt should be in your closet.


Sweaters too take space in your closet. They can be of various styles and they are essential as winter wear. You can choose any style of sweater and usually, women own at least a couple of types of sweaters in their collection.

Sleeveless tops:

Sleeveless tops are life saviour in summer. You can wear them in other seasons and can also pair them with layering pieces. This type of top is common in any women’s collection. There is a variety of style and designs in sleeveless tops and you can choose any of them according to your personality.

Layering pieces:

Layering pieces are completer pieces that complete an outfit. Every woman needs these completer pieces in their closet. Cardigan, blazer, vests, jackets and so on are included in the layering pieces and you can choose any of these according to your preferences.


We all have our own preference for our clothes and we often get confused about our want and need. Our likings sometimes force us to spend on unnecessary clothing and make us awkward when we don’t find the pieces we need.

So, if you are among those confused souls, you just got to have all these varieties in your collection and then you are free to spend on your preferred type of tops as much as you want.

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