What Women Fashion Top suits you
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What Women Fashion Top suits you


Posted on November 08 2019

What Women Fashion Top suits you

Ever noticed how different your body shape is from your friends and colleagues? Yes, you must have. Every woman has this habit of comparing themselves with others. But the point is, they spent less time appreciating their own body shape rather than others.

Every kind of body shape has its own privilege. If you think more about what will look good on you rather than who is looking great, then you will find the perfect matches that will make you more confident about you.

So here I will tell you about the fashion tops that will suit your body size and show you how amazing you are in your own skin.

What is your body shape?

Well, there are various kinds of body shapes and each of these has a name. if you don’t know which one is yours, don’t panic. Their names are so simple that you will immediately know which one belongs to you.

Even if you don’t get it, I am here to give you a brief idea about different body shapes and what kinds of tops will suit each of them.

Straight body shape:

Does your body have the same measurement size in almost all parts of your body? Then you have a straight body shape which is generally known as a rectangular body. This type of body does not have a waistline that is well defined, it looks straight.

So what looks good on a straight body? You can wear tube tops for a charming look. To make yourself look curvier you should wear tops with ruffles, different textures and with a lot of detailing and layers. You should wear tops with bright colours for the perfect look.

Pear body shape:

If you have a tiny bust with large hips then you have a pear body shape which s also known as a triangle shape. As your shoulder is not wider, you should wear something that will make it look wider.

Bright scoop neck and boat neck top will do that job beautifully. Strappy tops and tops with elaborate neckline will also help you look more balanced.

Apple body shape:

Well if you want to know whether you have an apple body shape or not, you have to be a little bit observant about it. Check carefully if you have a larger bust section than your hips with an undefined waistline along with slimmer legs and arms. If it matches your body type, then you have an apple or inverted triangle shaped body.

You should wear well-fitting clothes. Cuff sleeved tops, tops or t-shirts that are ruched in the middle will make you look stunning. V –necks, well defined shouldered jackets or blazers, scoop tops will also work great on you.

But you should avoid wearing off the shoulder, turtle or round necks, halter neck tops.

Spoon body shape:

Spoon body shape is quite similar to the pear body shape. If you have this kind of body, your upper section is more likely to gain weight. You also easily gain weight in your arms and thighs. This shape is fascinating as it creates a beautiful shape that looks like number 8.

Boat necks, wide necks, tops with patterns, well-defined shoulder jackets will look amazing on you. But you should avoid using shapeless shirts, short sleeves with a round neck, narrow shoulder tops.

Hourglass body shape:

This is the most desired shape of the body. If you have balanced buttocks with your bust line and a well-defined waist you are that lucky girl. You have a good proportion in every part of the body. But still, you should choose your tops carefully.

Well, fitting tops and jackets, wrap around tops, tops with plaited waist would be best for you. Any types of tops would look good on you, but try to avoid loose tops.


Different body shape bears different beauty. Knowing your body shape and choosing clothes according to it is the best fashion sense for a woman. If you can determine what suits you and what not, you won't need any experts advice for choosing your clothes.

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