Women Fashion Tops: Outing Together an outfit
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Women Fashion Tops: Outing Together an outfit


Posted on November 11 2019

Women Fashion Tops: Outing Together an outfit

Do you find it difficult to match your fashion tops with your entire outfit? I bet you do. We all get confused while matching our favourite tops and sometimes create a fashion blunder. But what else can you do?

Most of the things you own are your choice. But still, it does not mean that your best choices will match with your fashion tops. And yes, it is frustrating when you run out of time and cannot find the perfect match.

Don’t worry honey. You will never be at a fix again about matching your tops with other outfits. Just read on and you will find the ultimate formula that will spare your time!

What to consider before matching?

Well, matching your tops with other outfit and making it perfect wear is not an easy task. You got to be very careful about the outfit whether it matches with your events, weather, time and most importantly with you!

After choosing the entire outfit to ask yourself is it appropriate for the event? Does it match with the weather and time of the day? Does it go along with your age?

Well, I know it seems too basic. But ignoring these basic things can make you look like out of the season!

Outing Together an outfit:

To complete an outfit perfectly you need three essential pieces. Focusing these three essentials can make your daily life a lot easier. While matching your outfit just think you need a basic, an interest piece and a completer piece.

These three essentials can complete your outfit and can make you look neater than ever.

So what are they?

A basic:

A basic piece can be something solid and everyday wear. This basic piece would be a plain and simple staple that can go along with other pieces. For example, a solid top, dark jeans, solid pants, pencil skirts or a solid skirt. Basically, it is the simple pieces that balance your entire look.

Interest piece:

It is something that holds the interest with colour, pattern, noticeable texture, sheen or shines elements or any unusual detail that makes it different from a basic piece. It is something that depends on your style or personality type.

How does it vary? Well, for example, if someone has a classic taste she will choose something more subtle than those who are rebellious and loves to experiment with clothes.

A completer piece:

Well, a completer piece changes your entire look. It is something that pulls you together and completes your outfit. It is an extra layer that you put on over a top or sweater to finish the look, for example, jacket, cardigan, vests, blazers etc.

They usually give structure to the entire outfit and gets the visual interest. They even define your whole outfit, whether you are going on a night out or just a casual walk can depend on your completer piece.

But is this all you need?

No dear. An outfit is not appropriate for outing until you add on some accessories. Your shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces all fall under this category. There are so many things that you can add on with your outfit that I don’t need to state each of them here.

Just remember that your accessories too make your outfit of your type. So be careful and picky while choosing an accessory for your outfit.


Fashion tops are a part of your outfit that sometimes acts as a basic or an interest. Your pick is always going to flaunt you if you pair them with the perfect one. All three pieces are essentials that you need to take proper care of.

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