Plus Size Women's Pick for Women fashion Tops Online
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Plus Size Women's Pick for Women fashion Tops Online


Posted on November 09 2019

Plus Size Women's Pick for Women fashion Tops Online

Are you confused about what you should pick for your plus size body? Don’t worry dear, there are many women like you who face this problem. But it doesn’t mean there is no way for it.

Everybody size has its own privilege and obviously, everyone needs to consider their clothing according to their size. Don’t think that your friends or colleague who are not your size know it all. They too search multiple fashion sites to find their match.

So here I will tell you what type of tops you should pick for your body size.

Why be careful?

Well, when you buy from the market you can easily pick one for trial and can understand whether it suits you or not without knowing why it is suiting you. But online shopping is different and you have to have some basic knowledge about a particular top’s pros and cons.

Ladies, you need to think about your body and find what will flaunt each section of your body. And that’s why I am here to help you to choose the perfect fashion tops online.

Facts you need to notice while picking tops online:

Fitting: well, when you pick any top online make sure it fits you properly. You know it or not you have an amazing body and you cannot just misrepresent it with ill-fitted tops.

Sleeve size: you need to be picky while choosing the sleeves of your tops. If you have full arms, you should pick three quarter or elbow length sleeves. There is no binding in going sleeves. But avoid capped sleeves as they can your arms look bigger.

Top length: you need to pick the right length top according to your height. If you are short, choose the short length tops that will stay at the hip level. These tops will make you look longer and flaunt the appropriate proportion of your body.

Colour: earlier people used to think that the light colour would be a bad pick for the plus size women. But now no one follows the myth. You can wear white or any light colour if it fits you properly. Just be careful about the flimsy fabric in your white top as they will surely highlight your bumps. It would be better if you avoid them.

If you want to look slimmer you can choose the monochrome colour but you need to be careful about the shades to avoid looking sloppy.

Patterns: while picking tops try to choose the one with smaller patterns. Because smaller pattern will help you look smaller.

Stripes: you need to be careful about stripes. To make your waistline look slimmer, you can choose stripes that angle inward. If you want to look smaller, pick the top with asymmetrical stripes. Thinner stripes with a darker background will make you look more beautiful.

Fabric type: choose stretchable fabric to get a smooth look. If you wear baggy tops you will look bigger than you are. So choose the fabric type carefully while picking tops online.

Ruffles: while picking a top, avoid ruffles. Because ruffles can make you look bigger. If you want to focus any part of your upper section, you can use it otherwise ruffles would look good only on your cuffs.

Ruched fabric: if you want to make any part of your body look smaller, the ruched fabric is a good choice for it. For example, if you want to make your belly look slimmer, pick a top that has ruched fabric on the belly.


No matter what body size you have, you are always going to worry about your clothes. Just remember that you can look amazing in any body size if you pick the perfect pieces for you.

Plus size women are privileged with their curves and they flaunt their beauty if they follow these little tips while picking their tops.

It is not that hard, right?

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